I have had a bit of a crummy week this week. I wont go into details but it has left me feeling very deflated and uncertain of my skills and decisions.. I am sure it will pass it just sucks. I had great news to drop here but our internet is being less than satisfactory so even loading my blog has been hell.

Right… the news.. I got a PO Box on Friday so I feel alot more secure in my mail and trading and selling online.. 🙂

I made a zine that I wanted to share with you all so I will have to turn it into a PDF with instructions.. it is a VERY random experiment but it made me giggle at the end when I flicked through it 😀

Hope you are all well and cheery!


Yesterday I got up and had a great day. It was a great day because first thing in the morning I HAD something important to do. That was a skype workshop with my nephew ( the same one that came to stay last year and had art time with me) I have been working on Ninox Issue 2 and 3 in small doses. Mostly I have been trying to figure out what I am putting where, format, layout, graphics and making notes on Issue 1 to correct things I was not happy about or just didn’t know to begin with..

Back to the nephew I made a really rough how to make a zine guide and also scanned in one of my older ones that I made as a background and then wrote some letters on, which I had uploaded for you to print and use for your own projects, obviously give credit and only for personal use 🙂


I also have a little zine I have been working on using scraps from my desk and whatever came to mind when I was working on the pages. There are little mini notes a very time review on a series of books from a publisher that produces some street art / artist books and some others.

And that is about it. I have been planning and plotting next weeks project with my nephew which I may do over ustream. I may set up a weekly time and date for ustream depending on what I end up doing on my days off.

I am up for trades with zines but I don’t currently have any copies of my Ninox Zine and they are a little expensive to get printed so if you are interested in one I would have to find out the costs locally as I don’t have access to the same chain I used last time.

Well time to go and get some work done on texts and writing..

OneOAK – drop me an email if you want to trade / purchase.. I will update them to Etsy later (today hopefully).

finally…! after the past years of frustration withprinting and trying to paint over and copy things… i watched lessherger ustream and found out the difference.. it was a omg you idiot moment.. so finally i have joined the laser printing cult! expect more!

ugh 10:27pm and work at 7am.. shift work DOES have its upsides and downsides.. you have to see both in the same moment to understand! it better not rain! :F

issue 2 of ninox will be one oak and VERY partial to the moment its made…

pre-order is advised!


So I stumbled onto ustream from looking at a few peoples you tube channels and finding out they have these full hour or more video sessions where people are watching and talking to them and of course I wanted to give it a try. So today with the help of an online friend I got myself an account and set up the video directly down on my work area, I experimented with wider shots and shots with me in them and felt that in the end the format I went with is what works best for now.. I can play with it more later.. There is one little video up there at the moment and at the start you can see me toying with the camers position i think its about 6-10 mins in where I actually start doing some art stuff so just skip the first bit!

I am about to go and do another one which I will leave on until I get to a point where I am stuck or just want a break from the creative thing… The flu is almost gone but there is currently no sound on the videos except for the start of the first one… 🙂

let me know what you think!

is the link!

8am and 20C

Its going to be a hot one today! Which is fine in my books as I have gotten a flu that is currently going around, spent the night last night “as hot as a furnace, pumping out the heat and complaining you were cold” I feel better right now than I did last night but I am definitely not feeling 50% of my normal. That aside my room is finally getting there. With the move my nice black Ikea storage has been drafted to the lounge and dining area as we had very little furniture after being in a 2 bedroom shoe box unit.

I am loving the new space and finding being more organized has a lot of perks such as everything having a spot. I have a lot to go through and will probably be putting little kits up on Etsy for a low price so that I don’t have to throw out cute little bits I know someone would be able to use.

Just a quick post today unfortunately but I am looking forward to posting more regularly again!

It has been a bit since my last post.. In that time I have gotten a new job working at an inn here in Albany.. there has been a lot to learn and my brain has felt like it is going to melt. Now I know that every job is different but this one is so very different to what I have done previously that it has made me feel as though I know nothing (which I know isn’t true)

We have almost finished unpacking and even took the time on Saturday to go out trekking in the wild for a few hours and finish up with a lovely late lunch in Denmark on a bench looking out over an inlet.. I cant tell you enough how beautiful it is down here and how inspiring and relaxing it is.. As we don’t have internet set up at the moment (the guy is apparently coming today) I haven’t been able to upload pictures.. Which is so bad that when we were out on our walk in the Porongurups I forgot that I could even take pictures with my iphone!

In other news thanks to those who have consistently suggested over the years that I join an exhibit or do a solo one I have finally taken the plunge and am working on three pieces which will be shown here in Albany with other established artists and emerging ones as well as general public / children included to raise money for the Vancouver Arts Center in November. I do have pictures of the pieces I am working on which are due on the 5th Nov so if you are down this way be sure to check it out and or buy something.

The furries have settled in fantastically and love to run back and forward through the house.. It has been a pleasant adjustment going from a tiny cramped old 2 bedroom unit to a four bedroom house with a yard.. We actually have grass!

Well I need to go and finish up some doodles for my sister so I will catch you all soon..


Hello from Amazing Albany!

We’ve moved, as yet our internet is still being sorted out so there are no pictures uploaded but in case you were wondering.. that’s whats been going on lately! I will be back soon with goodies 😀