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Exciting things are afoot!

Life seems to take over and every time I have sat down to blog it seems that it has gotten swallowed up in checking on potatoes, making dinner or just learning to stop and chill out.

I find it hard to blog when things aren’t really where I want them. And over the past year it has seemed like it comes in dribs and drabs. The biggest issue was that I didn’t feel like I had much to blog. Previously I had moved and had no internet which was a huge problem for uploading photos and blogging. Then I moved recently and have just been settling in. I am never sure how much of my personal world I want to put up on my blog and I have found that to be quite a barrier.

Over the past few years I feel as though I have really out grown this blog, perhaps I am simply unable to refocus it in a more general way, perhaps some of it is the name. Either way I have made the choice to move over to a new blog which you can find here at Lambeau. I had wanted to stay with WordPress unfortunately the title was taken and secretly I have always wanted a Typepad blog. Win win!

So life, moving, growing vegies, makine new friends, looking for work and the best part.. I GOT A LASER CUTTER! Though I went cheap and have had so many issues with Moshi Draw (turns out using windows xp has solved the current issues of squishing I had) and yesterday I got the first prototypes of my lovely Quater Scale Cat Haus/House (I haven’t decided yet) one of which I am going to give away on my new blog during next week. Here are a few sneak peeks from my excitement yesterday.. This is cut from 3mm Plywood as it was a personal preferance for me over MDF.

Cathouse kits are getting done!  Just a few tweaks here and there and they will be available!

Cathouse kits are getting done!  Just a few tweaks here and there and they will be available!

Cathouse kits are getting done!  Just a few tweaks here and there and they will be available!

This kit will of course have all the windows accessories and eventually a furniture kit to match the style I imagine it being furnished in. As well as the instructions of course. I also plan to make these in cheaper materials as kids would be able to put these together very easily and I think it is a great size for a holiday project.

I also have plans to do up some Petite Blythe furniture and bits and pieces the first of which is a cute little chair. I plan on mostly doing these in 1:16 size as that seems to be the commonly agreed upon scale for these dolls tho 1:12 is very close.

The excitement is so much I feel as though I am going to burst with all the new excitement that is going on in my world. I am going to be eager to take requests, hear feedback and general to and fro!

So onto new things and don’t forget to head over to the new blog Lambeau soon!

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Its done! I had a less than fantastic week, so procrastination aside I made the ‘Friday’ self imposed deadline, just not the 3pm part.. But here it is! This week it is a fill in the blanks type of deal, I send you on another adventure and you add something new to your workbook.

Here is the link to Issue #004


Thanks for stopping by!

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I am currently nursing a very badly sprained ankle, it is 14 days later I still can not walk on it without crutches, it is still very bruised along the ankle and outer size of my foot but I have managed to get some work on these dolls done. This is just the first of a few wonderful characters that are almost finished. I could barely wait to share it with all of you. I am really pleased with how she came together and her little story. I am working on a map to share as I add them all to it I will update it. I have almost finished another called Pumpkinella Vine.. Hopefully that gets all of your minds racing as to what she may look like.. for now, here is the lovely Adele Panthatz. Adele is available here on Etsy if you are interested.

Adele PanthatzAdele PanthatzAdele Panthatz

Adele Panthatz
63 years old
Widowed : Devlin Panthatz (missing during exploration adventure , presumed dead)

Librarian at the Ministry of Silly Hats(MoSH) in Lambeau Central

Loves to shop at the Central Markets which are open late on a Tuesday evening in the Noreast of the park. Adele lives in the upper south east quarter park facing ring of Lambeau central which was one of the first areas to be developed in Lambeau, consisting mostly of inhabitants who can afford the extra space. Everyday of the week Adele enjoys her leisurely walk along the parks lower walking path which is rumored to have been worn into existence from her walking to and from MoSH everyday for the past 45 years. It is said that it was paved at about the 17th year and lights put in on the 20th year (this was the year Devlin went missing). Adele stops at the 5th light post (which is JUST before the Southern path intersection and over half way) every evening on her way home to ‘make sure that she has everything’ . Upon arriving home she is greeted by the dooking of her two lovely ferrets Dewey and Melvil who have as usual been sure to tip over their water dish each day that she works in a pointless attempt to be taken with her to work.

The rest of her story.. Is up to you..

Adele was made using left over fabrics, thread and anything that was available in my stash in an effort to make use of those small bits I just cant part with. Her body is made with stained calico, her hair is plaited sock yarn, her scarf is made from the same yarn which has been split and knitted. Her outfit is left over linen scrap with crocheted edging and a fabric down from a small piece of printed fat quarter. she has hand embroidered facial features and small Delica gold bead earrings and bracelet. Her boots are scrap black fabric and her signature pants hat is made from left over pants from pattern making for Noxians which has been finished with darning thread pom poms made especially for her. Her little bag is made with antique crochet thread which may show signs on stain.

As with all the Lambeau Citizens the aim is to use those small bits of fabric and thread rather than to send them to the trash heap. Too much that can be used gets wasted because it clutters up and often has no purpose to others. This is my attempt to create something meaningful and enjoyable out of those pieces.

Enjoy and remember be kind to your ankles!

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It has taken me a little while to actually intentionally get some motifs done for the 25 Motif Challenge..

This is Motif #2/25 it is Frivoles Leaf pattern, made in Lizbeth size 40 – Blue River Glades

Motif 2/25

The next is Motif #3/25 which is another of Frivoles patterns, this one is her Small Rainbow Motif made in Lizbeth Size 40 Natural and Charcoal (just thread I had prewound) I experimented with right and wrong side only to realize that the last round should have been done as normal for better results. Oh well that’s why I am doing this challenge right?

Motif 3/25

And finally Motif #4/25 is from Judith Connors Contemporary Tatting Book this is one of the Capella earrings  i thought it would make for a good lesson in adding beads, I am fairly happy with it except that I would have been better off to add a larger bead to the center. It is Lizbeth Size 80 Spring Garden and misc gold and silver beads that I have had for donkeys years. This motif does still need to be stiffened and pinned out, its a little bubbly at the moment.

Motif 4/25


I love this thread colorway, but I think I should try some of the others I have bought on the next motifs, definitely pleased that my tension and skills are getting better.. I do have number 5 completed but am still finishing  up the split chain I have on it.

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So, it seems my every good intention to pose more to this blog with the new year has met with 15 days of delay. However in most cases I would leave it at that and put down my good intentions and just let it be, but that’s what I did last year and I barely made a post. So along with eating well, more protein, vitamins and so forth whilst maintaining the foods that I like and being able to make and eat my cake too is the intention to loose at least another 10kg this year. Believe it or not since June last year I have dropped at least 10kg down to where I have been hovering for the last two months, slowly though pants are getting slightly bigger.

I have also tatted more pieces which I have included below.. Firstly this is the finished Folded Bookmark I had mentioned in the previous post.. One of my housemates claimed it already.. heh!


This is one of my first tatted motifs, the pattern is by Lisa C. Trumble I made it in DMC  Size 30 Ecru Cebelia over a found button a few months ago. I think I would like to redo this and see what the comparison is.. I will get back to you on that..
One of my first tatted motifs

I also finished this bookmark by TattyPatty which is called The simple bookmark. Even with that I still managed to add in an extra ring and chain at the start of this (which is where the tails for the bookmark are joined.. I rather like the addition personally 😛 Though I may be a little biased! It is made with Lizbeth thread in size 20, Wildflowers Colorway
Another Bookmark

Another TattyPatty pattern is this one, it is a snowflake that she listed in two parts. I wanted to play with these darker colors so maybe its a nightflake? Made with Lizbeth size 40, Charcoal and Blue River Glades

A more Successful attempt

And last in the tatting links is that I decided to join the Tat It And See 2013 that Jane Eborall is holding over at TIAS I have day two to catch up on but it is fun so far, though mine isn’t as straight as other peoples… I think it should be ok.. Again tatting in Lizbeth size 40 Blue River Glades.

Day 1 of TIAS 2013

The following two are patterns by Jennifer Williams who has some lovely pieces that are both great to learn with and look at!




There are a couple of other pictures up in my stream if you are so inclined.. Well that’s a few things I can tick off my list today.. Along with make bread rolls (these are very easy to vary ingredients, soy milk, buttermilk, raw sugar, plain flour.. herbs etc..), vacuum my floor again.. wash fan seeing as it isn’t a sweltering hot day here… Onto day two of TIAS I go!

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There is still time to join in with this years 24 Hour Zine thing, even if you don’t think you have time for it over the next 11 days its worth a look as they have made some interesting changes.

I cant wait to see what they come up with this year..

I should scan in my entry for last year for everyone to enjoy.. *puts that on the ever increasing list*


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