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It’s here! That fun little zine for you to download print and have fun with. Issue three has been an on again off again romance for me over the past year. I got so fancy and complicated with doing the layouts firstly on the computer and then with bits and pieces. The last year I have moved lots and any work I had done is lost in time and space. So I decided that never mind the minimal supplies I have right now I was going to get this issue done! And I have..

More sneak peek

My goal is to get these done each week to be released on Friday before 3pm my time (Perth, AU) uploaded and ready for those of you who have been looking for something to do. This weeks is great if you work in an office as you will easily be able to find almost everything you need.

All of the projects are suitable for younger people as well, though I will advise adult supervision, as always you create at your own risk, don’t look at me if you get a paper cut!

I have an email address on the zine for feedback, if its too hard to read my handwriting, or you have scraps you would like a use for, just drop me a line and it will likely appear in a future issue.

This zine prints well in black and white as I only have that handy, infact I would suggest you set it to that or grey scale to save ink. It is perfect for your pocket, bag and small enough that you can read it while waiting. Yet there is plenty to occupy you for a while.

You can download your copy HERE, and you can check out some images I have uploaded to the S2T Flickr group. You are also most welcome to join the group and share images of your projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


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(UPDATE: The top has now been listed in my Etsy Shop)

I don’t know about you but I love trash day, there is something about having someone else remove stinky stuff from where you live at a certain time every week that just makes everything better, although today ours was picked up really late, usually its a mid day thing but today.. 5pm.. I didn’t think that the garbage was even picked up that late! Needless to say that it through my trash day break all out of order ( no not really) but I like knowing that I can set the kettle to boil go get the trash and check the mail and bring in the bin and then sit down for a drink and a bit of a break.. Not today, whatever will I do! I guess wait until after I have put the rice into the cup to soak for a bit before cooking it (brown rice) go and get the trash, wash my hands and then cook dinner, or do I wait until I have eaten and then get it before I wash the dishes.

I am sure everyone has that one thing that they rely on to let them know that yes the world is still functioning, and that public services are still working..

I have been keeping busy playing with threads and crochet hooks and day dreams of clothes I would never actually wear myself.. I have posted a few to flickr over the past few days but here is a little glimpse at what I have been up to, please forgive the slight blur my camera was being temperamental today.

freeform crochet top

So far the pink and cream tops are still available (I am yet to list them in etsy) but hopefully someone will have a perfect outfit to set them to. It is always a shame to have items packed away after I make them so I must get better about finding them homes to make room for new ones to be made. The pink one is made using various scraps of pink embroidery thread, mostly DMC single strand and crocheted with a lovely little size 6 UK archer crochet hook I was lucky enough to find in one of the local op shops for $2 I wouldn’t mind getting another this size and one smaller. This one has been used so much that the thread is starting to stick to it (much like when you use a sewing needle too much)
freeform crochet top
The cream one is various threads and methods, hairpin, crochet and needle lace to join in places, the threads range from white DMC embroidery thread single strand to DMC tatting thread size 80 and 100 the 100 is stained with age and is very lovely.
Finished crochet lace top

I also finally got the gusto to start adding some of the velcro that I bought for dolls clothes to actually complete some of the pieces that have been gathering on my desk, I was worried that it wouldn’t stick or that it would be bulky and that hand sewing would not give it a nice finish. It worked out fine and I really like how simple it makes to put the clothes on the dolls. Especially the petites.
Pink Blythe top
Old calico tshirtOld calico tshirt
I am going to giveaway a little crochet petite blythe vest, all you need to do is link to a picture of your petite who really really wants a new little item for their wardrobe.  Just leave the link and comment below, you have a week until I do a random draw for it so hop to it! (please be sure to leave your email to be contacted as I have had winners miss out before because of this)
Little vest inspired by potato mouse
And thanks for  reading folks!

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After a week of fighting with the printer, wondering if my idea would be interesting enough and then getting distracted by the Diablo III Beta I have finally gotten the latest issue finished and uploaded.
Issue 2 Samples
I have included a few photos of one I have done up for you as a sample so you can see what was used and what came out of it. The possibilities are endless and most of all it is fun and a great way to use up those  scraps you don’t just want to throw out. There is a link below to the Flickr set to see all the images that were uploaded for this.

Issue 2 Samples
Issue 2 Samples

These could be done on ATC’s, cheap notebooks/journals, or on larger scraps.

If you have any questions please be sure to drop me a line and I will get to it as soon as life allows.



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Choose a theme

Do you have a favorite theme? Let me know if I choose to use it you will get the resulting PDF a freebie. Most popular will be chosen but be completely honest with your choice please! There will be weekly freebies anyway!

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So this is one of the freebies I have been meaning to get online for people. Only catch is I want you to show me what you make! I would love to see other peoples variations whether it is painted, fabric or anything else! It is a simple design where I drew one side then folded it over and mirrored it but it works well for me. I have two more of these that I am working on however I am not sure if it is this or one of the two other variations of this pattern that I have made up to use.

Click on the image to take you to flickr, then click all sizes and download the full size version. You have permission to blog it long as credit is given back for the pattern obviously. I hate to have to drill those in but lately too many people have had thier designs stolen and used elsewhere that I am a bit cautious 😀

Once you have printed it out glue it down to some cardstock or poster board to make a more sturdy template 🙂

Art Figure March 09 Freebie (PERSONAL USE ONLY)

I can’t wait to see what you make! Feel free to drop a link in the comments 🙂


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