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It’s here! That fun little zine for you to download print and have fun with. Issue three has been an on again off again romance for me over the past year. I got so fancy and complicated with doing the layouts firstly on the computer and then with bits and pieces. The last year I have moved lots and any work I had done is lost in time and space. So I decided that never mind the minimal supplies I have right now I was going to get this issue done! And I have..

More sneak peek

My goal is to get these done each week to be released on Friday before 3pm my time (Perth, AU) uploaded and ready for those of you who have been looking for something to do. This weeks is great if you work in an office as you will easily be able to find almost everything you need.

All of the projects are suitable for younger people as well, though I will advise adult supervision, as always you create at your own risk, don’t look at me if you get a paper cut!

I have an email address on the zine for feedback, if its too hard to read my handwriting, or you have scraps you would like a use for, just drop me a line and it will likely appear in a future issue.

This zine prints well in black and white as I only have that handy, infact I would suggest you set it to that or grey scale to save ink. It is perfect for your pocket, bag and small enough that you can read it while waiting. Yet there is plenty to occupy you for a while.

You can download your copy HERE, and you can check out some images I have uploaded to the S2T Flickr group. You are also most welcome to join the group and share images of your projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


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After a week of fighting with the printer, wondering if my idea would be interesting enough and then getting distracted by the Diablo III Beta I have finally gotten the latest issue finished and uploaded.
Issue 2 Samples
I have included a few photos of one I have done up for you as a sample so you can see what was used and what came out of it. The possibilities are endless and most of all it is fun and a great way to use up those ¬†scraps you don’t just want to throw out. There is a link below to the Flickr set to see all the images that were uploaded for this.

Issue 2 Samples
Issue 2 Samples

These could be done on ATC’s, cheap notebooks/journals, or on larger scraps.

If you have any questions please be sure to drop me a line and I will get to it as soon as life allows.



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