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Exciting things are afoot!

Life seems to take over and every time I have sat down to blog it seems that it has gotten swallowed up in checking on potatoes, making dinner or just learning to stop and chill out.

I find it hard to blog when things aren’t really where I want them. And over the past year it has seemed like it comes in dribs and drabs. The biggest issue was that I didn’t feel like I had much to blog. Previously I had moved and had no internet which was a huge problem for uploading photos and blogging. Then I moved recently and have just been settling in. I am never sure how much of my personal world I want to put up on my blog and I have found that to be quite a barrier.

Over the past few years I feel as though I have really out grown this blog, perhaps I am simply unable to refocus it in a more general way, perhaps some of it is the name. Either way I have made the choice to move over to a new blog which you can find here at Lambeau. I had wanted to stay with WordPress unfortunately the title was taken and secretly I have always wanted a Typepad blog. Win win!

So life, moving, growing vegies, makine new friends, looking for work and the best part.. I GOT A LASER CUTTER! Though I went cheap and have had so many issues with Moshi Draw (turns out using windows xp has solved the current issues of squishing I had) and yesterday I got the first prototypes of my lovely Quater Scale Cat Haus/House (I haven’t decided yet) one of which I am going to give away on my new blog during next week. Here are a few sneak peeks from my excitement yesterday.. This is cut from 3mm Plywood as it was a personal preferance for me over MDF.

Cathouse kits are getting done!  Just a few tweaks here and there and they will be available!

Cathouse kits are getting done!  Just a few tweaks here and there and they will be available!

Cathouse kits are getting done!  Just a few tweaks here and there and they will be available!

This kit will of course have all the windows accessories and eventually a furniture kit to match the style I imagine it being furnished in. As well as the instructions of course. I also plan to make these in cheaper materials as kids would be able to put these together very easily and I think it is a great size for a holiday project.

I also have plans to do up some Petite Blythe furniture and bits and pieces the first of which is a cute little chair. I plan on mostly doing these in 1:16 size as that seems to be the commonly agreed upon scale for these dolls tho 1:12 is very close.

The excitement is so much I feel as though I am going to burst with all the new excitement that is going on in my world. I am going to be eager to take requests, hear feedback and general to and fro!

So onto new things and don’t forget to head over to the new blog Lambeau soon!

I finally found some internet to  upload these images for my entry into the Undersized Urbanite contest for this year.. Due in a mere 3 weeks I have lots to do. Most of the time was spent planning and designing and waiting for these lovely laser cut parts to arrive. Enjoy the eye candy and there will be plenty more over the next few weeks!


Lately I  have been in the states again. And thankfully reunited with my paints and inspiration. The last few years have been tough and great at the same time. Though I haven’t blogged mostly due to not really making much or painting I have thought about the blog often. Mostly the fact that it requires an overhaul in many areas. I have many previous blog posts a great deal of which I had in the past neglected to categorize correctly, and believe it or not it drives me mad. I have had an issue with an Etsy user who uses the name I gave to my blog which I am currently deciding on changing. To what I am still making sure I wont be stepping on toes at least in my own paddling pools.

I completed a 1:144 scale house which as the title suggests is an orange segment (not real of course!). I have put the pictures below. Whilst I didn’t sculpt the orange segment myself it is a plastic toy fruit  I painted over and built the house around. The house is made of paper clay, green stuff, modeling wood, wire, beads and styrene sheets to name a few parts. I have listed this in my shop on Etsy.

Orange Cottage 1:144

Orange Cottage 1:144

Orange Cottage 1:144

Orange Cottage 1:144

Orange Cottage 1:144

Orange Cottage 1:144

It is great to see what I make now and where I was a few years ago looking through my flickr stream, and onto new things! Speaking of which I have decided to take part in Undersized Urbanite which is a miniature contest that looks like a great deal of fun and reason to build something with a due date. I have a few ideas of where to go but given I am already starting late I am trying to make sure I don’t bite off more than I can chew (which I am likely to).

This is where I have gotten so far other than the size mock up which I am saving for a later post.

What could this be?

Until Next time!

Scrap 2 Treasure #004

Its done! I had a less than fantastic week, so procrastination aside I made the ‘Friday’ self imposed deadline, just not the 3pm part.. But here it is! This week it is a fill in the blanks type of deal, I send you on another adventure and you add something new to your workbook.

Here is the link to Issue #004


Thanks for stopping by!

Scrap 2 Treasure #003

It’s here! That fun little zine for you to download print and have fun with. Issue three has been an on again off again romance for me over the past year. I got so fancy and complicated with doing the layouts firstly on the computer and then with bits and pieces. The last year I have moved lots and any work I had done is lost in time and space. So I decided that never mind the minimal supplies I have right now I was going to get this issue done! And I have..

More sneak peek

My goal is to get these done each week to be released on Friday before 3pm my time (Perth, AU) uploaded and ready for those of you who have been looking for something to do. This weeks is great if you work in an office as you will easily be able to find almost everything you need.

All of the projects are suitable for younger people as well, though I will advise adult supervision, as always you create at your own risk, don’t look at me if you get a paper cut!

I have an email address on the zine for feedback, if its too hard to read my handwriting, or you have scraps you would like a use for, just drop me a line and it will likely appear in a future issue.

This zine prints well in black and white as I only have that handy, infact I would suggest you set it to that or grey scale to save ink. It is perfect for your pocket, bag and small enough that you can read it while waiting. Yet there is plenty to occupy you for a while.

You can download your copy HERE, and you can check out some images I have uploaded to the S2T Flickr group. You are also most welcome to join the group and share images of your projects.

Thanks for stopping by!

This year has been tough

In the past 12 months for me a lot and nothing has happened. The most that has happened is the death of my sister. Nothing has ever effected me as much as this despite what anyone who doesn’t intimately know me think. I don’t usually publish real lie events on here. There is a reason for that.

She was the one reason I situated myself in perth 10 years ago. The loss of my mother I had dealt with for a long time before her life ended ( to much Disappointment to me as I’d had plans to reacquaint with her after 8 years.. My father has chosen his path and I’ve chosen to respect his choices.

For all intents and purposes I have no family anymore, save my soulmate . That’s the simple answer. My sister was the last hope for any of that. I am loved and I do love.. But the intents I had for the last ten years seem so devoid and nulled.

I am not working I have the drive and desire to work but it doesn’t seem to be turning to reality. Ideally I’d love to work for Peter Jackson but I am starting to think that despite my brains and drive I don’t have whatever people are looking for.

Either way.. I love my sister, my mother, my grandmother … And all those who I’ve passed, stood before and remember in my lifetime.

Depression is not something to shy from or avoid. I don’t care what my so called family and friends choose to believe from what they hear but I know myself and my reasons.

Life comes and goes its what we choose that makes us something to behold.

More petite dresses

I have been busy with tiny little outfits, I have listed two little outfits on Etsy this afternoon. One is a cute little blue cotton top with purple variegated thread embroidery of a snow flower and button hold stitching on the edges. The other is a Granny square turned dress that I crocheted, surprisingly the crochet ones take a little while longer than I had ever expected I guess that is just due to the size and being careful to not split stitches, it seems if you do that you cant get the hook in on the next round.

I am going to carry the little giveaway over, I will wait to create the vest until there is a winner so that it can be something that the winner will really like, ie to use a doily style pattern, color or something else that will be unique for the person.

If you have been following my flickr feed the last few days you would have seen the Petite Blythe Love in my photos, but for those of you who haven’t had the time to check here are some highlights:

I have recently started a flickr group for Borrower Style Clothes and Accessories for dolls, I am doing mine for the petites mostly at this point although I have had some wonderful ideas for Blythe sized items. But for now there have been lights installed in the cardboard box house that my petites are claiming as their own little domain, including a set of $2 battery powered fairy lights I bought at xmas time..

Hurray! The lights have been installed

As you can see Harriet has found a cute little hat for herself, even a pillow a trash can and a stuffed toy and some found paper wall art she glued herself (trust me there was a mess before I helped her clean it up)
Harriet's room

I am also almost done with a new dress and shoes set, currently I am still working on her tiny crocheted footwear, I really love the way that this dress has turned out and wonder what it would look like in other colors, I am almost tempted to create some green leaf wings to the back but I think that might be a little much for the dress..

Layers are done

I have also been modifying one of the dolls, she has much bigger ears now and will be getting a flesh colored paint job at some point, for now, she is very white..

I hope you are already for a wonderful weekend!

(UPDATE: The top has now been listed in my Etsy Shop)

I don’t know about you but I love trash day, there is something about having someone else remove stinky stuff from where you live at a certain time every week that just makes everything better, although today ours was picked up really late, usually its a mid day thing but today.. 5pm.. I didn’t think that the garbage was even picked up that late! Needless to say that it through my trash day break all out of order ( no not really) but I like knowing that I can set the kettle to boil go get the trash and check the mail and bring in the bin and then sit down for a drink and a bit of a break.. Not today, whatever will I do! I guess wait until after I have put the rice into the cup to soak for a bit before cooking it (brown rice) go and get the trash, wash my hands and then cook dinner, or do I wait until I have eaten and then get it before I wash the dishes.

I am sure everyone has that one thing that they rely on to let them know that yes the world is still functioning, and that public services are still working..

I have been keeping busy playing with threads and crochet hooks and day dreams of clothes I would never actually wear myself.. I have posted a few to flickr over the past few days but here is a little glimpse at what I have been up to, please forgive the slight blur my camera was being temperamental today.

freeform crochet top

So far the pink and cream tops are still available (I am yet to list them in etsy) but hopefully someone will have a perfect outfit to set them to. It is always a shame to have items packed away after I make them so I must get better about finding them homes to make room for new ones to be made. The pink one is made using various scraps of pink embroidery thread, mostly DMC single strand and crocheted with a lovely little size 6 UK archer crochet hook I was lucky enough to find in one of the local op shops for $2 I wouldn’t mind getting another this size and one smaller. This one has been used so much that the thread is starting to stick to it (much like when you use a sewing needle too much)
freeform crochet top
The cream one is various threads and methods, hairpin, crochet and needle lace to join in places, the threads range from white DMC embroidery thread single strand to DMC tatting thread size 80 and 100 the 100 is stained with age and is very lovely.
Finished crochet lace top

I also finally got the gusto to start adding some of the velcro that I bought for dolls clothes to actually complete some of the pieces that have been gathering on my desk, I was worried that it wouldn’t stick or that it would be bulky and that hand sewing would not give it a nice finish. It worked out fine and I really like how simple it makes to put the clothes on the dolls. Especially the petites.
Pink Blythe top
Old calico tshirtOld calico tshirt
I am going to giveaway a little crochet petite blythe vest, all you need to do is link to a picture of your petite who really really wants a new little item for their wardrobe.  Just leave the link and comment below, you have a week until I do a random draw for it so hop to it! (please be sure to leave your email to be contacted as I have had winners miss out before because of this)
Little vest inspired by potato mouse
And thanks for  reading folks!

3 weeks later..

No not a zombie tale, even though that seems to be the coloring of my foot at the moment. Whilst this is a great deal better than it has been, no longer yellow, green, black, red and everything in between,  you can see the impact where I have clearly torn the tendon up the side of my ankle. I can at least sort of walk on it and I am at least able to shower again (baths do not get you clean imho) I am going to get some braces for  support so that when I am riding it at least is -safer-.. Note to self.. PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU ARE WALKING..

Zombie Foot

As to other things I have been up to here is a little bit of a taste (it was very hard trying to get photos while unable to move into a better angle.. These will hopefully be up in Etsy by the end of the weekend along with some little kits I am putting together for something non-blythe related..

Orange ribbon crochet top
1/6 scale crochet market bag
petite blythe knit dress
petite blythe knit dress

These have all been piling up in my stash, the market bags have been a great relaxer and I have others that are made in various thread including some antique cream and white that I bought online, also I have made some in newer threads which are Lizbeth size 80 in various variegated and solid colors which are lovely. These are very simple to make so if you are interested and have the items required the pattern is simply as follows;

1:6th Scale Market Bag

Crochet hook 0.75mm
Thread Lizbeth 80 or DMC 60
Small  safety pin to use to mark the start of each round ( put this in after you have made the first stitch of each new round)

ch 2
sc 6 in first chain
2 sc in each sc of previous row
sc 1,  2 sc in next st to end
sc 2, 2 sc in next st to end

Repeat this adding in an extra stitch for each new row until you get to the desired size (I usually choose between 6 and 10 stitches)

ch 5, skip 2, sc in next st around until you are at the last chain, ch 3, dc into sc of previous round,

repeat this for 4-6 rows

3ch, 3 hdc or dc in each ch space around

sc around for 4-6 rounds

sl st to join ch 1 turn, sc in the next 3-4 stitches, ch1 turn

sc in each st 3-4, ch 1 turn (repeat this for the desired handle length)

Fasten off, sew handle to opposite side of the bag and weave in the tail..

Voila super cute useful bag for blythe  or other fashion doll.


Have a fantastic evening and be sure to let me know if you make one, as always I would love to see it so leave a comment showing where you have it posted and I will be sure to peek..